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Diamond and Gemstones: GRADING & identification

As a Gemmological Laboratory ‘Asian Gemological Academy’ confine itself  to the analysis and interpretation of the scientific characteristics along with the visual and apparent features of Diamond and Gemstones for the grading and identification respectively, both in the loose and jewellery studded forms.


Asian Gemological Academy’ is committed to contributing and maintaining a healthy and sustainable Diamond Gems & Jewellery industry and it is our mission to protect our clients by providing the trade with accurate and relevant information on the diamond, gemstone or the jewellery articles submitted for authenticity reports.

Our Preliminary Analysis Diamond report is ideal for those seeking assurance of authenticity about the clarity and colour of the diamond and it being natural/lab grown. Gemstone Identification Reports provide a reliable and conclusive identification for the seekers of Gemstones for both aesthetic & astrological purposes. Reports from our ‘Asian Gemological Academy’ can be obtained at an affordable cost, adhering to our principle of providing “Gemological reports with Trust-Independent -Integrity” a compelling reason, why our reports are highly recommended.


Our Laboratory services:

* Diamond Grading- Preliminary Analysis report

*Diamond Sorting service: Star Melee Packet Lot Grading Report

*Gemstone Identification Report (with Photo)

*Diamond Studded Jewellery Report (With Photo)


All reports issued by F G A (Great Britain) qualified Gemmologist, can be verified by QR code and certificate number

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